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1951 - Establishement of the Trust for Special Works in Bucharest; the company focuses on insulation works in the chemical industry.

1990 - The G-STIZO group is formed as part of a restructuring process.

2008 - G+H Isolierung, a subsidary company of VINCI Energies Deutschland (VED), takes over the "insulation” section of the G-STIZO group, after which the group companies operate under the firm name of STIZO Industrial Services S.R.L.

Policy Statement

  • Quality in work is when you work well without supervision!

SC STIZO INDUSTRIAL SERVICES , concerned to improve performance of the executed works , had extended practices through the inclusion in the company’s management the integrated management system , quality, environment, occupational health and safety according to SR EN ISO 9001/2015, SR EN ISO 14001/2015 and SR EN ISO 45001/2018.

In this respect the company’s management shall undertake to:

- meet customer needs and to promote long-term partnerships with customers toward performance management quality

- comply with the requirements laid down by law and regulated applicable in force and other requirements

- prevent the pollution in all activities carried out by the company

- protect employees by reducing / eliminate dangers of injury and occupational illness

- improve continuously integrated management designed and implemented

STIZO INDUSTRIAL SERVICES leadership provides the framework and the resources required for the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the integrated management system in order to meet our customers' needs.


STIZO Industrial Services is part of VINCI SA, one of the world’s leading building groups.

STIZO Industrial Services