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Heat and cold insulation

Heat and cold insulation - cutting costs and conserving resources

We have the insulation you need to operate your systems as cost-effectively as possible whilst also protecting the environment. Use our experience to unlock your potential.

These days, professional insulation against heat and cold is more important than ever before. With energy prices rising, cutting costs is naturally an important consideration but, at the same time, we also have to think about protecting the climate. For example, conserving resources is one of the key requirements for reducing CO2 emissions. Put our insulation experts to the test and let us open your eyes to all the options on offer.

Izolatie termica STIZO


In the power plant sector, insulation systems have to fulfill a very specific set of requirements. Steam generators, fresh air conduits and chimney flues, flue-gas cleaning systems and pipes have to remain functional in different operating states and under varying ambient conditions. With that in mind, we offer special internal insulation for high flue gas temperatures that makes it possible to separate thermal and static requirements. As the substructure has no heat bridges, there is no need for metal supporting structures and, no matter how large or small their diameter, the pipes can be insulated throughout using mineral wool matting. This minimizes heat loss.

Izolatie termica STIZO


Depending on the specific requirements, we make our selection from a diverse range of insulation covering everything from mineral fiber shells and cellular glass insulation to in-situ polyurethane foam insulation. And when insulating turbines, customized mattress and spray insulation are the most efficient options, even at steam temperatures of over 500 degrees Celsius. Our insulation services cover:

- Heat insulation for pipes, containers, fittings, tank systems

- Cold insulation for cooling and freezing systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems, pipes, containers and fittings

- Installation of pipe trace heating systems

- Cladding

Our combination systems are particularly efficient as they do not only provide heat and cold insulation but also fulfill the requirements of noise control and fire prevention.