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Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection - giving rust no chance!

Corrosion is a constant threat in virtually all areas of industry. Special coatings provide protection and can more than double the service life of components.

The type of coating required depends on the demands of the specific area of application. The ceramic/polymer composites used by STIZO are robust and wear-resistant. The main solutions we provide are:

- Paintings and coatings

- Synthetic resin coatings (epoxy resin, vinyl ester, etc.)

- Elastomer coatings

- Polyurethane coatings

- Special acid- and corrosion-resistant mortars

- Acid-resistant blocks and ceramic tiles

- Plastic and glass fiber coatings

Our skilled staff always ensures you are provided with the best technical solution for your needs. STIZO offers a complete range of corrosion-resistant coatings for the:

- Chemical and petrochemical industry

- Metal industry

- Energy industry

- Food industry

- Wastewater treatment industry

- Paper industry

Our services also include surface treatments such as sandblasting and grinding.

STIZO Protectie Anticoroziva