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Sound insulation

Noise control - taking health seriously

Noise affects our wellbeing, reduces our ability to work and can even cause serious damage to health. That’s why noise control is an absolutely essential element in construction projects today.

These days, legislation and building regulations make high demands when it comes to noise control. The current standards require that noise and vibrations that are generated within buildings - due to cooling equipment, fans, air conditioning systems, transformers, screed floors, intermediate ceilings, elevators and pipes, for example - are filtered out, along with those that originate outside.

Protectie fonica STIZO


Whether for industrial companies with large machines or for test chambers, STIZO Industrial Services can offer noise control solutions that not only fulfill the latest operational and legal requirements, but also achieve the best possible results at optimal cost.

Protectie fonica STIZO


STIZO installs sound insulation in residential and industrial buildings, on ships and in underpasses. Our technical acoustics services cover:

- Sound absorbers

- Wall and ceiling linings

- Sound-insulating doors

- Sound-insulated enclosures and booths

Protectie fonica STIZO