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Fire protection

Fire protection - leaving nothing to chance!

It’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of fire. Nevertheless, by putting the appropriate protective measures in place, the damage can be minimized, should a fire occur. Our know-how aims to keep you safe.

A fire can prove very costly. However, the impact caused by fire, e.g. the destruction of irreplaceable information, the loss of production and sales, can be significantly reduced by preventive fire protection measures. These restrict the spread of flames and fumes and ensure escape and rescue routes remain clear in the event of fire. It is essential that fire protection measures are properly installed and fully functional at all times. Don’t leave anything to chance!

Fire protection demands a high level of expertise. We are here to advise you, ensure the systems are installed to the very highest standards and provide regular, expert maintenance for your fire protection systems. Our services cover fire prevention for:

- Electrical systems

- Ventilation systems

- Pipeline systems

- Joints

- Steel supporting structures

- Industrial plants