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Rehabilitation (enforcement) of construction

Buildings rehabilitation ( consolidation ) - A great challenge!

  • We are proud that we and SIKA have achieved together in 2003 the first consolidation works in Romania to CET Isalnita Chemistry Building 2!

At the present time in the world demand for enforcement and renovation of old buildings is increasing and represents for engineers a great challenge. We can say this, because in studying cases of enforcement so far we can see easily that after consolidation some structures are subject to loads and greater efforts and more different than those for which they were originally calculated at the time of construction.

Techniques aim to strengthen composite materials obtained from carbon fiber ( textiles and blades ) is to increase strength and to get a good behavior of reinforced concrete elements and are currently the most used in the world to work building or building protection elements . Have properties far superior to traditional materials used in combining concrete with steel.

It can be successfully used to strengthen damaged structures from different causes:

- chemical agents

- the climate and temperature variations

- earthquake

- increasing loads due to changes in the operating mode of construction to that prescribed in the project, etc.

Vast experience in the past 10 years and safety products used provides top quality of our works building.