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Hydro insulation

Optimal roof waterproofing - making sure the water stays out

More than 90 % of the damage caused to buildings is due to insufficient hydro insulation. We can do something against that.

A flawless, fully functional insulation system that prevents water penetration is one of the most important features of any construction. That applies equally to residential and industrial buildings, and to elements of the general infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

Hidroizolatie STIZO


Roof waterproofing solutions from STIZO Industrial Services S.R.L. meets even the highest of demands – they are temperature- and water-resistant, help to conserve energy and have a long service life. What’s more, they are also extremely environmentally friendly. Our specialists can insulate new roofs, renovate the roofs of existing buildings and install drainage systems.

Hidroizolatie STIZO


The materials we use and the way they are processed depend on factors such as the shape and angle of the roof, and the weather conditions. The materials we use include:

- Bituminous waterproof sheeting reinforced with polyester or fiberglass

- PVC or EPDM roof sheeting resistant to UV light

- Special water-resistant mortars and adhesives.